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In case of issues in production or sandbox, or if you as a TPP have questions about the PSD2-APIs, please reach to our TPP support service.

  • If you are using an aggregator or other API provider, please funnel your requests through them.
  • If the issue is concerning a specific end customer, please contact the individual SpareBank1 banks customer service representative, see information on the banks home page.
  • For other technical PSD2 questions or issues, you may send an e-mail with your request to For correct information flow, always include the SB1 bank name - SpareBank 1 Østfold Akershus. Please also note that the following information must be included for all specific requests:
    • Request timestamp
    • Full Request URL
    • Request ID

Note on personal data

Do not include any personal identifiable information in the support request like plain text SSN, account numbers or similar. The Timestamp, URL and Request ID is sufficient to identify the data needed for troubleshooting.


In case of a major incident/unavailability of the PDS2 APIs according to RTS article 33(1), the TPP may report the critical incident to: or phone +47 815 00 810.

The incident report must contain reference to bank, PSD2 API and enclosed a complete request and response for unique reference to the incident. Feedback will be given through this incident reference via e-mail.

In order to subscribe to the notification list for PSD2 to receive info about planned and unplanned downtime, please register your e-mail using the TPP Dialogue API